New Indie Music Podcast “Short Cuts” Ep 85
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New Indie Music Podcast “Short Cuts” Ep 85

Preview indie music by Animals on TV, Friendly Rich, The NEW Bardots, The Bellwether Syndicate, Berries, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, Jody & the Jerms, Hannah Rose Platt, Rahway & Baytrees.

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Animals on TV “MTV 2095”

Yearning for fun, Animals on TV was formed in 2019 in Austin, Texas after friends Rob Hogan and Andrew Davis had seen one too many boring indie shows. Animals on TV was created to bring out the best of Rock and Roll, mixing eras by drawing on bands like The Strokes,

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Friendly Rich “Man Out of Time”

Friendly Rich, Canada’s legendary songsmith of dark and deranged folk songs, has just released his highly anticipated new LP Man Out of Time (March 31st on We Are Busy Bodies). Friendly Rich describes his latest studio recording as a “dark reflection of the pandemic”. But there’s more going on here –

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The Bellwether Syndicate

Alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate introduce ‘Golden Age’, the final single from their ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, out on April 28 via Sett Records in North America and elsewhere via Nexilis Records /  Schubert Music Europe. With its ethereal atmosphere and haunted vocals, ‘Golden Age’ warns of getting lost in nostalgia at the

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The NEW Bardots “Thrill of the Night”

“Thrill Of The Night” is the first single from the upcoming full-length LP by New Jersey Rockers “The NEW Bardot’s. “This catchy, rhythmic, lyrical smorgasbord is an out-of-the-box look at the world with a rock and roll twist. A bit off the beaten path of a straightforward rock song “Thrill Of The

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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Howl”

As they gear up to release their new ‘Heaving’ LP, Berlin-based Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys has joined with Metropolis Records for North America distribution as a result of a partnership agreement with Europe-based Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe. Uniquely merging moody art pop, dark folk and delightful ambient noise,

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Berries “Control”

Returning with their first release since their debut album last year – BERRIES – have unveiled the assured new single: “Control”. A rampant rock cut that seesaws between rhythmic garage rock and agitated punk, the new release also arrives as the band gear up for a UK headline tour this month.

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Hannah Rose Platt “Feeding Time For Monsters”

HANNAH ROSE PLATT returns with the hauntingly beautiful new single: “Feeding Time For Monsters”. An all-consuming record that will devour your attention whole, the Ed Harcourt-produced track stars on Platt’s upcoming album ‘Deathbed Confessions’, which arrives on 19 May via Xtra Mile Recordings. “Feeding Time For Monsters” unlocks the haunted house

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Jody and the Jerms “Insatiable”

UK indie pop outfit Jody and the Jerms present their infectious single ‘Insatiable’, showcasing exemplary buoyant indie pop that harkens back to the feel-good vibes of another less complicated time. This is the second taste of their full-length album ‘Wonder’, to be released on April 21 via JATJ Records, following up

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Rahway “Carry You”

“We grew influenced by the sounds of Arena Rock. So, naturally when we write our songs, our hooks tend to be big and memorable in the vein of Arena Rock. If you know the music of Rahway, you know that songs like “Carry You” belong in an Arena! Or at the

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Baytrees “Sunshine”

Brixton-hailing four-piece ‘Baytrees’ have been crafting their unique blend of hip hop beats, funk rock riffs and catchy pop hooks since 2018. New single ‘Sunshine’ is a soulful, life-affirming story inspired by the sun and is a song about summer, as everything is just better when the sun is out. Lead

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