Skinner “Dog Daze”
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Skinner “Dog Daze”

24-year-old, DIY slouch rock musician Skinner (Aaron Corcoran) returns with his second single on Faction Records. Another example of his unique new wave, post-punk style, ‘Dog Daze’ is released everywhere Aug 16th.

About the song Skinner says “The song was inspired by the movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon’. The main character of Sonny was someone that really resonated with me. Nearly everyone my age is stuck between a rock and a hard place where everyday the news just gets worse and worse. The police want to do you over, the landlords want to rip you off and the government wants to crucify you. It’s at a point where everyone’s just like “I’m tired man” and when you’re tired you’re in no mood to put up with bullshit so you tell it like it is. That’s what I wanted to do with this song, tell it like it is.”

The DNA of no wave and post-punk acts like The B52s, James Chance and the Contortions and ESG through to alt-rock touchstones Pixies and Morphine combined with an talent for grunge-nodding self-production and pockets of elevated instrumentation is oozing from Skinner’s music.

Singles Dog Daze and The Slump follow the Gunge EP on 12” vinyl, a collection of five singles released from 2019 to 2021, available now on Bandcamp from

Previous singles ‘Dislocation’, ‘Beer Me, Jim’, ‘Sometimes My Brain is Goo’, ‘Slouch’ and ‘Headroom’ were compiled on the Gunge EP, a 2021 vinyl release. The songs have received airplay from KCRW, BBC Across the Line, RTÈ 2FM and 98FM’s John Barker and Skinner was a Hot Press’ 20 acts to watch in 2020 act and featured on Fred Perry Subculture.

Spotify chose Skinner as the main cover art for their popular An Alternative Eire playlist and has featured Skinner songs in playlists such as Fresh Finds Rock: Best Of 2021, Post Punk 2K and Hot New Bands.

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