Fastracks Ep 58
Fastracks Ep 58
man standing in the woods with his fists forward

pMad “Sisters”

Paul Dillon from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland is solo artist named pMad.Following a path of introspection with a unique view of the world & what we are doing to…
band members standing in a dark room with one light above them

The Moss “Insomnia”

In a musical landscape with fewer boundaries than ever before, THE MOSS’s exuberant brand of alternative rock spans genres, eras, and even oceans. The Utah-via-Hawaii group was born on the…
man standing on a dark stage with a ring of fire around him

The Sweet Kill “Darkness”

The Sweet Kill have just announced the release of their debut LP Darkness with their newest video-single by the same name. The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which…
artist rendering if the sun, birds and baloons

Holden Miller “Dopamine”

Holden Miller released “Dopamine” last Friday (Aug. 19), reflecting on blissful pre-pandemic memories of time spent outdoors. Miller’s writing is often like a memoir in lyric-form, telling detailed stories of…
man standing in front of a solid lightbrown backdrop

Skinner “Dog Daze”

24-year-old, DIY slouch rock musician Skinner (Aaron Corcoran) returns with his second single on Faction Records. Another example of his unique new wave, post-punk style, ‘Dog Daze’ is released everywhere…

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Shiner “Brooks”

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Mistine “IDEK”