New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 130
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New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 130


Preview indie music by Noel, Alexa Kate, Strawflower, The Fever Haze, F.O.D., Ben Avitra, Fie Eike, Arabella and The Heist, The Dollyrots and Jesse Kendal. 

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man sitting in a chair in an empty room
Noel "Hurt Somebody"
After making waves with his viral TikTok covers, Stockholm-born NOEL is gearing up to release his debut...
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woman in front of a city-scape at night
Alexa Kate "Delusional"
Pop artist Alexa Kate has released "Delusional," an energetic song about pretending to be okay when things...
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2 men standing among trees
Strawflower "Haunting of the Hollywood Hills"
Strawflower is a surf rock and psychedelic pop band based in Los Angeles. Their debut LP, Greetings from...
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blue sky at sunset
The Fever Haze "I Love it Here"
The Fever Haze got its start in the early 2010s as a solo studio project by Jackie Kalmink and has been...
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4 band members in a cement block room
F.O.D. "Back To Where You Once Belonged"
Belgian Punk kings F.O.D. will release their sixth album 'The Once A Virgin Club' on April 5th.
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man wearing white t-shirt and denim jacket
Ben Avitra "The River"
Following the release of his emotive and captivating single 'The River', Perth's Ben Avitra is pairing...
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woman laying on the ground
Fie Eike "Sad"
“Sad” is a powerful and raw piano ballad that calls for emotional sustainability as a prerequisite for...
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woman sitting at a table with a glass of wine
Arabella and The Heist "1769"
Arabella and The Heist just released their ferocious punk single '1769' on March 8.
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2 musicians sitting against a tile wall
The Dollyrots "A New England"
The Dollyrots released a lyric video for their pop and punked up version of Billy Bragg's “A New England”...
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man sitting at a piano looking out the window
Jesse Kendal "Little Bloom"
Multifaceted musician and producer Jesse Kendal has dropped his latest single, 'Little Bloom/ Northern...
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