The Sleeping Souls “Rivals”
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The Sleeping Souls “Rivals”

THE SLEEPING SOULS – have announced their debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ (out 24 November via Xtra Mile Recordings), and shared third single “Rivals”.

Taking cues from the relentless energy of Plosivs or Hot Snakes, “Rivals” is an explosive punk-rock cut that seethes and stings like a barbed wire fence swaying between two territories. A loaded lament on the antagonistic pains felt between feuding families, the new track finds scorching riffs, pounding drums and heavy downstrokes of guitar compounding the frenetic energy The Sleeping Souls are rightfully known for.

Of the new track, Cahir O’Doherty explains:

“”Rivals” is about sibling rivalry: the anger and isolation you can feel being part of a family that’s breaking apart, and how it can be detrimental to your mental health. Sometimes the people closest can be the most cruel, jealous and manipulative. I’ve experienced this myself and this song is a direct response to that.”

Having toured relentlessly across the globe since 2006, the new track and forthcoming album are both undeniably children of the road. As Cahir adds:

“We wrote “Rivals” last year while on tour. We try to be as productive as possible out on the road. Days off, hotel rooms, venue dressing rooms, the back lounge of the bus — anywhere we can grab a wee corner to write. Matt wrote this killer riff and even as an early demo it had instant impact”.

Best known as Frank Turner’s loyal bandmates and dedicated road warriors, “Rivals” lands as The Sleeping Souls’ third single to date and is plucked from the band’s awaited debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’. Recorded over the last 3 years between Frank Turner’s rehearsal space in Oxford and Badlands studios in Ireland, its 12 varied tracks take their cues from a wild array of influences, from the explorative post/rock sounds of Radiohead or Death Cab For Cutie, to the tempestuous punk thrashings of Plosivs and Hot Snakes, to the introspective alt/folk of the Elliot Smith and Ryan Adams canons. Speaking about making the album, Cahir adds:

“It’s been a very collaborative experience with everyone bringing ideas and throwing them into the mixing pot… Lyrically the album touches on a few different subjects – lost love, frustration, escapism and obsession – but at its core it’s about my relationship with my family. The process of writing and recording this album has been cathartic and helped me survive.”

With its tracklist including anthemic lead single “Liar/Lover”, and the highly charged polito-punk follow-up “Caught Up In The Scrape”, The Sleeping Souls’ debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ will be streaming everywhere on 24 November 2023 (via Xtra Mile Recordings).

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The Sleeping Souls have toured alongside Frank Turner for over a decade, having previously recorded six studio albums with the punk icon, including 2022 #1 ‘FTHC’. They’ve headlined Wembley Arena, performed at the 2012 London Olympics and played across the world many times over.

The Sleeping Souls comprise Tarrant Anderson (bass), Matt Nasir (piano), Callum Green (drums), Ben Lloyd (guitar). They are joined by fellow road warrior Cahir O’Doherty  (Fighting With Wire, Jetplane Landing and currently New Pagans) who has filled in previously for Frank on guitar, as well as Tarrant and Ben at different times. The band has decided now is time to branch out with their own independent project.

Their debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ is due 24 November 2023 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

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